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Chaar Hazaari is a Folk Rock band from Delhi. Since its inception in 2012, the band has grown interlacing contemporary, folk and classical music to create its inimitable sound. The lyrical themes of devotion, love, and nature find expression through the harmonizing fusion of traditional and western genres into Indian Folk and Modern Rock. The band draws inspiration and traces its sound back to stalwarts of Indian Folk Rock. The band fosters a dream of having their music reach far and wide and to be heard, liked and appreciated globally. With various performances at colleges, pubs and music festivals, the band has successfully captured the interest and attention of a wide range of audiences, adding to their growing fan base. The songs in this debut album tell about the journey of the band till now. This album would not have been possible without the endless support and encouragement from our supportive audience. Also, we would like to put our kind gratitude and sincere thanks to all the musicians, friends and families who contributed to the album through any mean. The music will attract you, the spirit will definitely make you stay. 

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Creating original music is our USP. Being an independent music act from New Delhi, India we believe in creating and experimenting with new sounds and amalgamating them as a complete song. Getting featured in India's most favorite radio channel 93.5 Red FM and Tehelka music project Chaar Hazaari has been getting a great recognition for its originals. Listen to the upcoming tracks from the band.