About Us

The Story

Chaar Hazaari was formed in 2012 and since then has played and maintained its reputation as a Folk Rock band in Delhi NCR and various renowned venues/locations across India.

To describe what Chaar Hazaari means, one has to remember their own college days. The situation being that the group was set and ready for their first performance and till the very last moment, it had no name. On being asked again and again, one of our members just said “Chaar Hazaari”. The reason behind it being that we had to rent the drum kit for the performance and it had cost us 4000 bucks from the society fund. It sounds funny but meant a lot to us back in those days and frankly, it still does. And that’s how, our group transformed into a band.

With time, we have also come up with a literal description for the name which means “We want our music to spread in all four directions and touch the hearts of thousands”.

How it started

Utkarsh (Keyboard/vocal harmonies) and Yatindra (Guitar/Vocal) started jamming together in their college days just as a couple of musicians looking to diversify their musical horizons. Soon enough, after performing together for their music society, things were set in motion. In the following few weeks, the band looked up for muscians with similar interest and attitude and in a few weeks, Shailendra (Drum/Percussions) came along and Chaar Hazaari came into existence.

Meet the Team

Say “Hi” to the team!

Yatindra Mohan

Vocals and Guitar, Songwriter; Founder


 Utkarsh Mallik

Keyboards & Backing; Founder 

                                                           Shailendra Shukla

Drums & Percussion; Founder

Shivit Prasanna


Archit Agarwal

Bass guitar