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How it began...

Chaar Hazaari is a contemporary folk-rock band from Delhi. The five piece band started their journey in 2012 when some of the members met during their days in engineering college. All inspired to form a band, they decided to perform at their college freshers party. The band got so excited to perform that they spent much time rehearsing and practicing. Finally, on the day of the event the host asked them what their band name was. The guys realised that in all their excitement, they forgot to think of a name. Then one of the guys spontaneously said “Chaar Hazaari”, the others turned around and asked where he got the name from, the guy responded saying “Well, we spent 4000 bucks on renting the drum kit”. Being primarily a hindi band, the band was amused by the name and so it stuck for the years to come.

Chaar Hazaari was formed keeping in mind that all of the members believed in creating original content. They took full advantage of every member's different inclination to genres and have put in all efforts to amalgamate it to perfection. The focus has always been to make music that makes the band happy before sharing it with the world. Their influences are drawn from jazz & blues, pop, Indian classical and alternative rock. They believe in using classic instruments like flutes but presenting them in a modern manner.

The band wants to spread the message of love, peace and affection in the world through their music. They like to cherish their moments of both struggle and happiness, and to bring it out through their music while constantly progressing, learning and innovating new sounds.

In 2017, the band released their debut self-titled album followed by performing across many venues in the country and having been featured on various platforms such as Tehelka Music Project, Red Indies by RedFM and TEDxJSSATE. They are all set to release their second album ‘Udne Do’ at the end of 2020.

In the News!

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The Score Magazine

Chaar Hazaari’s Udne Do is a highly uplifting work of Indie rock

Chaar Hazaari is a contemporary rock outfit (with a share of folk influences) hailing from Delhi. Even though their sophomore album 


Rock Street Journal

Check Out A Catchy New Offering By Chaar Hazaari From Delhi

‘Ki Tum Ho’ has enough singalong material to satisfy even the most dedicated bathroom singer

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Rolling Stones India

Hear Folk Rock Band Chaar Hazaari’s Affectionate New Song ‘Ki Tum Ho’

The New Delhi act are prepping to release their second album ‘Udne Do’ later this year



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